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UP Police is picking up the musalman in the Muslim colony-Auraiya UP

Silence is spread all over the Kudarkot village’s musalman in Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh. As soon as inside the village, there is a police outpost on the left at some distance while the population of the village towards the right. Only a few hundred meters away from the police checkpoint, it is an ancient temple where two sadhus were killed brutally, while the one injured in the attack is still struggling with life and death.

The atmosphere of fear in the musalman of UP

The road from the police checkpoint to the right leads to the main population of the village. The population of musalman in this village, with a population of nearly five thousand, is about one and a half thousand. Since the police is more suspecting those who are gossiping in the killing of priests, so they are being questioned besides other people in the village. Perhaps for this reason there is little fear for people in the Muslim community too. Many homes are locked, so only women are seen within some, not men. Many policemen were sitting outside a house in front of the mosque and at the door a muslim woman named Salma was crying about a small child in her lap. Just a while ago, her husband Junaid had taken  for police questioning. Salma started saying, “as soon My husband came home, the police started dragging him till we came out and the police had taken him. But why we dont know. The same was the case with most of the houses. Many musalman women came out and started making similar allegations. A girl named Nafisa said, “The police took my three brothers in the morning and asked them to leave after inquiry, but they took five hours and they have not come so far. They are taking away, they are beating. ”

Some musalman are leaving the village

People said that many boys and some women have also left the village due to fear. The village’s chief Ravindra Pal also confirms this, “Many people have come to us from morning since they are taking the complaint that the police force is taking us to the post. We said that if we are not wrong, then the police Let them inquire, but some people got scared from here and went away somewhere, some women came in the morning, they started telling that the police are not letting out. In spite of the ultimatum of the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanaath, no arrest has been done so far. Police officials say that many people are being questioned in custody and will be arrested soon. The police officer directly denies the allegations of harassing Muslim youths and bringing them on the grounds. Auraiya Superintendent of Police Nageshwar Singh told the news reporter: “The police can call anyone for questioning, this is our legal obligation and authority. Many people have been questioned but those who will be evicted will be arrested. There is also the point of running away from the village, those who are suspicious, they have run away, we have kept the team in order to catch them. We have a lot of arrests Are nearby. ”

Gorakshak were seated in Police Station. why?

On the Kudarkot police post, a large number of policemen, police officers and many Gorakshak were wearing necklaces in the neck. On the other hand, those three cows were also tied, about whom the police had claimed that they had recovered from those who are gossipers. Anaiah’s Additional Superintendent of Police, MK Saxena, gives a brief answer to all the questions, “The guilty will be arrested soon.” When another journalist who came to cover the incident from Lucknow asked the police officers sitting in the police chowky premises about the some Hindu Gorakshak, the authorities replied in the form of a slight smile. There was no clear answer to why Gorakshak was sitting there. Three Hindu saints who were sleeping in the temple premises on Wednesday, were killed in which two saints were killed immediately, while another saint, who seriously injured, is still undergoing treatment at Saifai Medical College. These three saints were supposed to be living in nearby villages and were priests of the temple. Against the murder of the sadhus (Saints), In Bidhuna village  was also attacked by fire and stones. The police has kept the Kudarkot village in the cantonment even though there is no anger in the killing of the sadhus (Saints), where people are angry, while the houses which are allegedly looking for the suspects are frightened. .

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