25 years after the death of the People’s Princess, the truth about her car

When we imagine the cars of royalty we always think of luxurious racing cars or Rolls Royces worthy of Queen Elizabeth. The most famous princess in England, however, preferred something more… spicy.

There is a reason why Diana Spencer is still remembered today as one of the most beloved members of the royal family: she never felt special just for her royal title, she drove a popular car like all of us.

Princess Silo Drome 04_08_2022 Quattromania
Lady Diana insists on driving her own car (Silodrome)

An indelible memory

Even those who do not have great sympathy for monarchs and royalty – which is understandable given that there were just a couple of fundamental revolutions for democracy a couple of centuries ago – cannot fail to remember fondly Diana Spencerin the century Lady Diana or “The People’s Princess” as she was often nicknamed by chroniclers.

The reasons why Lady Diana was so loved by her people – at the time of her death she was considered the most famous woman in the world – are different: surely, her clear refusal to consider the title of royal as a status aimed at separating her from the “Mere mortals”, the fact that he does not have never hidden his own fragilityhis numerous problems with the royal family and the general rejection of the obligations imposed by the etiquette have delivered to the story an extremely human figure in every respect.

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In 1997, Diana Spencer died in a car accident perhaps accidental or perhaps – as many claim, also bringing evidence to support this thesis – orchestrated by someone who has never been identified. Paradoxical, considering how much the princess is loved cars and drivingwhich in theory the royals would not be allowed!

The princess of the rally

Forget the Bentleys, Jaguars and Rolls of British royalty, Lady Diana insisted on driving only in a very special car that is now ready to go to auction. Her choice fell on the Ford Escort RS Turbosports version of the third series of this very popular car in the UK presented in 1984 and bought the following year by Diana Spencer but with some important changes.

For safety reasons, Diana was not allowed to ride in a “common” car: for this reason, all Escort RS ever produced are white… except for the one driven by the woman who wore a recognizable black livery. Legend has it that Lady Diana often quarreled with the security staff who had to protect her why she wanted to be the one to drive the car: after all, with a 132 horsepower engine capable of pushing the car from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in 8 seconds, we can understand it.

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Diana Silvertsone Auctions 04_08_2022 Quattromania
Ford Escort RS Turbo, the only one existing in this livery (Silverstone Auctions)

In short, even in the choice of her own car Diana was really unconventional. The car that she belonged to has traveled about 40,000 kilometers and will be auctioned by Silverstone Auctions on August 27, just before the end of summer. Imagine that the car leave at an exaggerated pricegiven the popularity of its owner, it’s really easy.

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