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Antonella Clerici he could soon leave Italy and go to live abroad. This is what transpires from the pages of Diva and Donnaaccording to which the well-known Rai presenter would be ready to move: the weekly mentions some friends of Clerici, who confirmed her intention to go and live elsewhere with her partner Vittorio Garronewith whom among other things she could soon marry.

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But where is Clerici headed? In Normandy, in the North of France: a place he knows very well, as the presenter goes there every year with her family. Also during this summer she made a stop in Normandy, which could soon become her new home. “The presenter loves everything about those places – we read about Diva and Donna – from the cool climate to the landscapes. And her friends assure that as soon as Maelle grows up, Antonella will establish and regulate her work commitments accordingly: only TV programs that excite her and more limited in time ”.

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On the other hand, Clerici can already boast an important career in Rai behind her and now she is starting to think above all about the future after television, to devote more time to family and loved ones. It is rumored that Clerici’s priorities have changed especially after her meeting with Garrone, whom she does not rule out marrying in the coming years.

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