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She thought she was bitten by a insect, on the other hand, the insect had it under the skin. The horror story comes from Liverpoolin the United Kingdom. Louise Edwards, 34, woke up on July 22 with a nasty surprise on her eyelid. The woman found herself out of the blue with a swollen eye, which she tried to soothe with some obviously ineffective medicines. After days, in which she was convinced that the swelling would go away, the situation got worse.

The parasite in the eye, what happened

Visited at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, she was sent home with some antibiotics. However, the wound continued to grow, so she tried a “home remedy”. Advised by a neighbor, she poured boiling water over her eye and felt “a sensation of bursting”, then “a sort of parasite with her legs began to crawl off her face”, her words to Liverpool Echo. “It was the greatest pain I’ve ever felt,” said Louise. After extracting the parasite, she went to the hospital, where the nurse who visited her said that she looked like she came out of “a movie with aliens”. On social media, a user commented: “It looks like a horror movie.” The woman has no idea how she may have taken it, but she said she had been to Turkey the previous month. Another doctor will visit her to try to figure out what she had lurked in her eye.

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