A Life Spanish Advances: Hortensia betrayed …

The Weekly Advances of Una Vita, the famous soap broadcast on Canale 5, reveal that Hortensia will have a good idea, but she doesn’t want it to be referred to Pascual…

A life: the Spanish advances of the soap opera that every day keeps the audience of Canale 5 company. We got to see how the relationships between Pascual and Liberto and Rosina have improved a little thanks to the financial help that the Sacristan gave them. Great tensions, however, continue between Hortensia and Guillermo’s father. In this article we will get to see that Hortensia has a good idea to exploit the family land, however she doesn’t want to talk to Pascual about it. Things, however, will turn out differently …

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A Life Spanish Advances: Hortensia VS Pascual

Hortensia and Pascual just don’t get along: there is as much attraction among their children as they can’t stand each other. Especially the Rubiojust can’t avoid arguing with the man. From the beginning she found him rudeand getting to know him better only made the situation worse, especially when he learned that the son of Inma doesn’t want that Guillermo woo Azucena. Also Rosinaat first, he didn’t appreciate it, but, following the help he gave to her and Liberto, she began to feel gratitude.

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Hortesia has an idea, in the Spanish Anticipations

Hortensia does not know that Pascual has helped her, her sister and Liberto financially: Rosina accepted the help of the Sacristan as long as his sister never found out. Hortensia tried not to meet Pascual just to avoid arguments, but unfortunately the situation did not go as he hoped. Meanwhile, the woman continues to reflect on how to manage her problems and has an idea on how to exploit the family land …

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A Life Spanish Advances: Liberto stabs Hortensia in the back

Hortensia’s plan involves planting vines on the family land: it would be useful to hear the opinion of an expert such as Pascual and this would be the will of Freebut Hortensia doesn’t even want to hear it: Pascual he must remain outside, he does not compromise on this. Despite this, however, Liberto tells Pascual about Hortensia’s idea of ​​and as a professional, Pascual makes some recommendations that the man appreciates.

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