Abortion, Indiana approves almost total ban – North America

The Parliament of Indiana approved an almost total ban on abortion: the measure was signed by the governor of the state, who thus becomes the first to pass new and broad limits to this practice after the Supreme Court overturned the historic sentence ‘ Roe v Wade ‘last June. Passing of the law comes just three days after voters in Kansas, another conservative state in the Midwest, overwhelmingly rejected an amendment that would have removed abortion rights protections from the state constitution. In Indiana, the law passed despite opposition from some Republicans, who thought it was too extreme.

“The Roe w Wade ruling was right, it was in law for 50 years and was torn up by an extremist court,” US President Joe Biden said Wednesday, calling on Congress to restore the right to abortion. “The Kansas voters have sent a powerful signal,” he added of the referendum on termination of pregnancy in the Conservative state.

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