Advances Bitter land: Gülten attempts suicide!

One too many gossip will push the poor Gülten Taşkın (Selin Genç) to attempt suicide. The moment the brother Gaffur (Bülent Polat) will undertake to make her marry a man with three times her age to silence the chatter, the girl will find no other way out than to attempt against her own life, but fortunately Yilmaz Akkaya (Uğur Güneş) will save her in time. So let’s see what will happen in the next ones Italian episodes from Bitter land.

Terra Amara, news: Sabahattin starts divorce from Şermin and …

The storyline will begin to take shape the moment Dr. Sabahattin Arcan (Turgay Aydın) he will start the divorce proceedings from his wife Şermin (Sibel Taşçıoğlu) and will leave the Yaman estate. The fact is that the documents will be delivered by the bailiff just when Şermin is not at home, which is why they will end up in the hands of the attendant Fadik (Polen Emre) and later in those of Hünkar (Vahide Perçin). The latter will be shocked as soon as she realizes that her niece’s marriage has now come to its destruction.

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At that point, since Yaman will not be able to understand what is going to happen, Fadik will decide to reveal to the lady that one day he saw Gülten talking secretly in the stables with Sabahattin and will insinuate that between the two there is an extramarital affair that he has led the man to want to divorce Şermin. Obviously, Hünkar will not believe a single word of the maid and will kick her out of her villa badly, but the girl – in the throes of a fit of tears – will also spread her suspicions to Şermin herself, who will go into a rage …

Terra Amara, plots: Gaffur wants to marry Gülten with an old man

Oh yes: definitely excited for the revelation, Şermin will not hesitate to lash out at Gülten by giving her a bad name and, after beating her, will ask her aunt to kick her out of the estate, generating a real scandal among the employees. Although the accused defends herself by saying that she simply met Sabahattin to ask him to cure Yilmaz when she was about to die, Gaffur will consider her sister’s way of acting outrageous and, to put an end to the rumors, will speak to a much older man. of her to ask him to marry her (obviously in exchange for a dowry).

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On one side Saniye (Selin Yeninci) will try to make Gaffur desist from his intent but his attempts will be useless, on the other Gülten will not want to bow in the face of yet another imposition and will run away from the estate after writing a piece of paper in which he will announce that he wants to take his own life !

Terra Amara, spoiler: Gülten hangs himself but …

We can in fact anticipate that Gülten will go to the same stable where Gaffur had locked her up a few days earlier and, crying, will put a rope around her neck to hang herself. Fortunately, Yilmaz will save her, alerted by the worker Nazirè.

After treating her to safety, Yilmaz will therefore give hospitality to Gülten in the estate he shares with his “godfather” Ali Rahmet Fekeli (Kerem Alışık) and, later, he will be able to talk to Gaffur, who will threaten by pointing a knife to his throat and telling him not to try to hurt his sister anymore. The master builder of the Yaman will therefore have to listen to Yilmaz’s ultimatum, but he will not know how to justify Gülten’s absence to his lords …

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