Amjad Khan had read this book before playing Gabbar in ‘Sholay’, proved Salim-Javed wrong

Amjad Khan had read this book before

‘Sholay’ proved to be a milestone in the career of all the actors working in the film. Its story was written by Salim-Javed. The director of the film was Ramesh Sippy. Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra were seen in the lead roles in Sholay. On the other hand, Amjad Khan was in the negative role. Amjad Khan’s character ‘Gabbar’ is in people’s mind till date. Amjad Khan was the first actor who did commercials even after playing a negative character. Whereas earlier only heroes used to advertise.


Amjad Khan was not the first choice for Gabbar’s character for Ramesh Sippy, but he was cast at the behest of Salim-Javed. Amjad Khan’s entry was made in the film, but during the rehearsals, questions were raised on his suppressed voice. People associated with the film used to say for Amjad Khan that his voice does not sound like a dacoit.


Amjad Khan himself had mentioned this in an interview. He worked very hard for this. Amjad had read the book ‘Abhishapt Chambal’ written by TK Bhaduri for this. After reading this book, Amjad got an idea of ​​how a dacoit thinks about things and what is his body language. After this, Amjad came out in a completely new form. Those who were pointing fingers at his acting at that time, they also praised his acting.


Amjad was angry with Salim-Javed: During the preparations for the film, Amjad Khan was told by someone that Salim-Javed had asked director Ramesh Sippy to replace him. Because he will not be able to play Gabbar’s character properly. Amjad Khan was also very angry with this. After this he never worked in a film written by Salim-Javed.


Salim Khan also played an important role in getting Amjad Khan cast in the film Sholay. Salim Khan was found walking outside Amjad Khan’s house in the morning. He asked Amjad to come to the office the next day. Amjad Khan was not a big star at that time, but his father played in many films. The next day, Salim-Javed reached Ramesh Sippy with Amjad Khan. Ramesh Sippy liked him on seeing him.


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