Andrea Delogu, the special dedication to De Martino. Belen’s reaction

Can a simple “I love you” become an object of jealousy? Maybe yes. But, after all, it is not even the first time that we talk about this very powerful feeling, especially when it is involved Belen Rodriguez, Stefano De Martino And Andrea Delogu. The success (and the feeling) obtained by De Martino and Delogu on the stage of the Tim Summer Hits it has not gone unnoticed, and it seems that Rodriguez is not jumping for joy. Far from it.

Andrea Delogu, the special dedication to Stefano De Martino

The Tim Summer Hits ended, and it was a really important event for Rai, which finally brought some freshness to the public network. Competitor of Live beats, on the stage there were many artists who conquered the fans. But we must say that everyone liked the great artistic harmony between Andrea Delogu and Stefano De Martino.

Besides being accomplices at work, they are actually two great friends. Often, in the past, comments have been made on their possible liaison, which was promptly denied by those directly involved. In any case, both are busy: Stefano is back with Belen Rodriguez after years, while the heart of Delogu beats for Luigi Bruno.

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To celebrate the end of Tim Summer Hitsthe presenter wanted to make a small dedication to De Martino: “I love you“He wrote on Twitter. A gesture of affection that revealed a lot of their bond, but that was not properly appreciated by Belen, who, on the contrary, seems to be sharing many photos with Stefano for this very reason: to show everyone that they love each other and that they don’t ‘is no shadow of a crisis or a third party.

Belen Rodriguez jealous of Stefano De Martino: the reaction on social media

The Pipol Gossip, the portal managed by Gabriele Parpiglia, went to the bottom of the matter. First of all, Andrea Delogu follows Belen Rodriguez on social media, but the Argentine presenter has never decided to reciprocate. Secondly, despite her much-vaunted confidentiality, she is now sharing many shots with Stefano De Martino: last but not least, her special dedication thinking about the past, the present and the future.

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To anticipate the showgirl’s jealousy was Dagospia, also and above all because the comments of a possible liaison between Stefano and Andrea were becoming more insistent. So that Delogu also intervened in this regard: “At first it made us laugh, then it escaped, it became an insistent and annoying indiscretion, especially when it started triggering aggressive comments”.

The desire for a third child of Belen

In reality, in the end, they are just indiscretions. It must be said that, according to what is shared by Who and confirmed by Belen herself in the living room of very true by Silvia Toffanin, would be ready to welcome a third child, and with her lifelong love. After ten years from the first time they were together, Rodriguez and De Martino have found their way to make things work. Liaison, harmony or feeling or not, the couple is happier than ever and enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Ponza.

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