Antonella Clerici, goodbye to TV and Italy? The backstory scares the fans

Antonella Clerici is ready to leave TV and Italy. This is the background that is making fans of the presenter agitated: this is what she has in store for the future.

It has been one of the leading names in Rai programming for over two decades. For years now the schedules of the flagship network have been populated by his programs. And when she took a break, his absence was heavy for many. But now the fans can have a blow, as it seems that the presenter could leave everything and go to live abroad.

photo source: Ansa

Sometimes you get the impression that a TV character stays there forever. It is as if after so many years it becomes a kind of step-by-step family member. This is precisely the feeling that many people have of Antonella Clericithe presenter who every day enters the homes of Italians at lunchtime, entertaining them and showing them ideas for the kitchen.

But according to the weekly Diva and Donna it seems that the future of the presenter of Rai 1 sia far from Italy. According to what has emerged, it seems that Clerici is ready to move as soon as possible with her family. A project that you have had for many years and that could be realized in the short term. But what will her fate be on TV?

Antonella Clerici away from Italy? A new destination for the host

The host of It’s Always Noon may be leaving hers soon beautiful house in the woods to move abroad. In particular, the destination chosen by Clerici would be the Normandy, a beautiful region located in the North of France. It is one of Antonella’s favorite places, as she goes there every year with her family.

For the face of Rai 1 it is an indispensable destination. Also for the summer holidays together with little Maelle and al comrade Vittorio Garrone he decided to travel to the region, documenting everything on his social media. They are landscapes that she has loved for many years and that give her serenity and peace.

According to the weekly, it seems that the presenter is ready to leave the peninsula to go and live wrapped in those evocative and fresh landscapes of the Northern France. It has been revealed that Antonella will move in as soon as her daughter is older. This means that her work commitments will have to be reviewed.

It has not been said that the presenter will say goodbye to TV. But what could change is her daily presence on the small screen. Living so far from the Rai studios would be complicated. Certainly Antonella will know how to manage and find a balance of her.

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