Before the release of ‘Aradhana’, when no one gave expressions to Rajesh Khanna, he returned to the hotel after being disappointed from the theater

Before the release of ‘Aradhana’

Bollywood’s first superstar Rajesh Khanna started his career with the film ‘Aakhri Khat’ in 1966, but the film ‘Aradhana’ gave Rajesh Khanna a new identity. This film was actually made for Sharmila Tagore. But Rajesh Khanna got the direct benefit of this film. According to Dinesh Raheja, editor of Bollywood News Service and senior journalist, ‘I still remember Rajesh Khanna’s song Mere Sapne Ki Rani was a super hit.


He had told- ‘This song was shot without Sharmila Tagore. It is seen in the song that a jeep is moving along with the train in which Sharmila is seen sitting. It was shot in Darjeeling. Although the song was shot only with Rajesh Khanna, later a video was made by merging the two different footage together.


Rajesh Khanna had a small role in the film in which he became the husband of Sharmila Tagore, who dies at the very beginning. Later it was decided that the son’s role should also be given to Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh Khanna was new at that time. So it was said that the son does not have such a special role, so give the role to this boy only. The center of the story is the mother.


So Rajesh Khanna got a chance to play a double role. When the film was released, the promotion of the film was done in such a way that Sharmila Tagore was shown as Mother India. But in the meantime something happened that no one had imagined. Those who came out after watching the first trial show started looking for that ‘new boy’ instead of Sharmila Tagore.


Everyone was asking where is that boy? People liked the work of Rajesh Khanna in the film ‘Aradhana’. Rajesh Khanna had told in an interview at that time- ‘Before the show started, I was saying hello to everyone, whoever was coming, was doing hi hello. But no one was answering. Then I went back to the hotel. After that they came to the hotel looking for me and I was called back. Rajesh Khanna’s life was not the same after this film. Rajesh Khanna’s 13- 14 hit films started one after the other. Then Rajesh Khanna never looked back.


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