Best Business Idea: Start this tremendous business sitting at home in less money, will earn millions; Government will help up to 50%

Best Business Idea: Start this tremendous business sitting at home

New Delhi. If you are bored with your job or want to start a new business, then we have brought a great idea for you. With this business idea, you can earn lakhs of rupees every month. The best thing is that to start this business, up to 50 percent subsidy is available from the government (take 50% subsidy). This special business will be of pearl farming. People’s interest has increased on the business of oysters and pearls and many people are also earning a lot from it.


Three things are needed to do this business, these are – a pond, oysters (from which pearls are prepared) and training. It has the most important pond, which you can dig yourself, apart from this, the government also gives 50% subsidy for this, which you can take advantage of. The second thing is oysters, which are found in many states of India. Although the quality of oysters of Darbhanga in South India and Bihar is good. There are also many institutes in the country for its training. You can take training in pearl farming from Hoshangabad and Mumbai in Madhya Pradesh.

This is how you can start business

To cultivate pearls, oysters are tied in a net and put in a pond for 10 to 15 days, so that they can create their own environment. After this, their surgery is done by taking out the oysters. In this surgery a mold is inserted inside the oyster. After coating on this mold, oyster layer is made, which later becomes pearl.


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