Calciomercato Napoli, Sassuolo refuses three players for Raspadori: figure and dead line

Rai - Raspadori-Napoli background, Sassuolo refuses three blues!  ADL asks for a two-year loan: there is a dead line

Raspadori-Napoli, further details emerge on the meeting that took place yesterday between De Laurentiis and Carnevali to seek an agreement for the sale of the attacker

Naples transfer market. Negotiation continues between Naples And Sassuolo for Giacomo Raspadori. The Italian striker pushes to dress the blue, but the two clubs still haven’t managed to find the right team.


Raspadori-Napoli, meeting details and background

Of the negotiation Raspadori he also talked about it Ciro VeneratoJournalist Raisport and transfer market expert, to the microphones of Sport news:

All the background of the Rivisondoli summit emerges in the morning. Napoli had also offered Petagna to Giovanni Carnevali to close the circle. No dry from the Emilian manager who had already rejected Zerbin and Ounas. Napoli had offered 30 million without bonuses but asked for a two-year loan with obligation in the third year. Locatelli style. Carnevali clarified to De Laurentiis that with new federal regulations (different from last summer) Sassuolo could not do it. Especially at such low figures. Carnevali values ​​the tip 40 million and at the most (news confirmed) could drop to 38. Monday dead line before Sassuolo-Modena of the Italian Cup. Not yet set a new summit with De Laurentiis.

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