Closure of the medical department of the CVetrano hospital. Note by Franco Lombardo

Franco Lombardoafter learning of the closure of the medical department of the Castelvetrano Hospital, he specified with a note the umpteenth annihilation of the territory, joining the protest of Orgoglio Castelvetranese and Belicino:

  • clemente a7 November 2021
  • “The news of the substantial closure of the medical department of the Castelvetrano Hospital, a further attack on the right to health of the Belicine populations, constitutes a further step in the strategy of annihilation of the territory.

    I join the protest of the Castelvetranese and Belicino Pride Committee and other associations and I reiterate the need for political representation capable of defending the rights and expectations of the Belicina community, further mortified by this provision.

    The loss of the birth point, the downsizing of some departments already of excellence and now this last measure, constitute an intolerable series of deeply damaging decisions with respect to the centrality of the Castelvetrano Hospital in the territorial context and require an adequate response from the politics.

    Franco Lombardo

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