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Rai Cultura dedicates four first evenings to Alessandro Preziosi, one of the most loved performers by the theater and television audience and to the occasion a director who does not shirk the burden of experimenting with new forms of expression to tell, in an unprecedented way, the classics and more . The cycle, on air from 6 to 27 August, opens with a re-reading of “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Edmond Rostand broadcast on Saturday 6 August at 9.15 pm on Rai 5. In the show he directed and performed, Preziosi takes away the proverbial from the Gascon nose and concentrates the narrative tension on the noble values ​​that animate the action of the most famous swordsman in the history of the theater. By subtracting from the viewers the symbol of the deformity that makes Rossana’s love a universe inaccessible to the protagonist, the fulcrum of this Cyrano is the sense of inadequacy and the sentimental epic nature of great personalities with respect to the common feeling of love, of friendship and in general with respect to the consistency with which to make, in a labyrinth of choices, the right one for oneself and for one’s values. Interpreters, in addition to Preziosi, Veronica Visentin, Massimo Zordan, Emiliano Masala, Marco Canuto, Benjamin Stender. Recorded at the Quirino “Vittorio Gassman” Theater in Rome in 2013 with the television direction of Giovanni Ribet.

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