During the shooting, the camera fell in the lake, then Salman Khan immediately jumped, Dharmendra was stunned to see

During the shooting, the camera fell in the lake

Today’s generation considers Salman Khan as a confident superstar to take off his shirt onscreen. But Dharmendra was the first star of Hindi cinema who took the risk of taking off his shirt first onscreen. Actually Salman Khan also stays inspired from Dharmendra. He has been following Dharmendra since childhood. Salman has even been taking tips from Dharmendra to stay fit. Salman does not miss to praise Dharmendra on any occasion. Similarly, once Dharmendra also started telling the merits of Salman to the fans.


Actually, Dharmendra was talking about his family. During the promotion of his film ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’, the actor had said that if he makes a voice in Bollywood, everyone will come to him. Describing this, Dharmendra had said – I give voice to anyone in the industry, they come to me quickly. Time bears witness to my past. This is the fruit of my karma, the fruit of my family’s karma. If I give one voice, the whole industry will come. Salman is a very nice person. I love him very much.’


While narrating an anecdote about Salman, Dharmendra had said- ‘Salman is a wonderful person, he is a genius. I was shooting with him. I am also brave, it’s not like that, but we were shooting in a lake. For the first time I saw Salman like this, he used to be shy, even today he is shy. So suddenly the camera fell in the lake. The man jumped to remove the camera. He brought the camera from the depths of the water. I said man, this is very bold.


Regarding Salman, Dharmendra had said- ‘I had also seen Salman’s good dance in the first film, he is also a good actor and he is also a very emotional man. It is very important to be a good person first, friends. You reach the highest peak in the world, if you are not a good person then you are nothing.


Similarly, once Salman Khan told Dharmendra after seeing his fitness and tight thighs that he also wants such fitness. In such a situation, Salman had asked him for tips. Then Dharmendra had said- ‘This is a boon of the above and a favor to the parents. That the body he has been given is because of him. I was hardworking, working in the fields, cycling, commuting 50 miles made my thighs strong.


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