Earthquake Alberto Matano, wedding background: “On the intimate level, everything has changed …”

Alberto Matano revealed some intimate details a few months after his marriage to his partner.

Alberto Matano let himself go to some rather intimate confessions a few months after her wedding. The host and journalist, who will resume work with Life live, opened up about her relationship and new life after joining her partner.

The reporter declared his homosexuality recently, in 2021, on October 28th. During the episode of Life liveimmediately after the rejection of the Zan bill, he was moved by revealing that he had been victim of homophobia as a young man, thus coming out on television. Many names from the show expressed their solidarity with Alberto Matano.

The journalist began his TV career in 1998, when he joined the editorial office of Bloomberg TV, owned by theHANDLE. A year later she becomes a professional journalist and her first contract is in Rai at the Radio Newspaper. From 2007 he began working on TG1, conducting the special TG1, extraordinary and various direct editions. From 2019 he leads Life live and, subsequently, he joined dancing with the Stars as a columnist.

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Alberto Matano is married to Riccardo: the two got married on 11 June after the journalist had expressed his desire to marry his partner at the beginning of the year. The ceremony was not long in coming, and the two joined in a civil ceremony a few months ago.

Alberto Matano, the statements after the wedding

Two months after the celebration, Alberto Matano confided in new nature of the relationship with the new husband. The reporter had been waiting for this moment for a long time, and finally managed to fulfill his dream. The relationship with her partner, says Matano, changed a lot after the wedding, but in a completely natural way: the wedding was what was missing to complete their relationship, a promise that finally came true.

Alberto Matano

“We have thought about it many times: ‘We will do it’. That final inch was missing who arrived thanks to her. We were almost there, Mara (Venier, ed) knew it and, since he loves us, he seized the moment in that famous dinner: ‘When do you decide?’. The truth is that no one took the step of asking the other”Says the journalist. Mara Venier immediately supported the couple and pushed the two to take the plunge.

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Alberto Matano

Both Matano and her partner wanted to get married, but both were waiting for a sign of the other to make such an important decision. In the end it was the best choice. On the intimate level, everything has changed. Let’s say that it is as if this long and consolidated relationship with marriage had a dress “ in fact the journalist says, “As if a circle had come full circle, as if the house were completed with the roof and painted walls …”

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