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EDGE awarded a very rare and eloquent 10 a IMMORTALITY, the new game by Sam Barlow, the author of Her Story, which apparently really liked the editors of the English magazine a lot. But let’s also see the others votes of the number 375:

  • Stray: 7
  • Immortality: 10
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3: 8
  • Live A Live: 9
  • We Are OFK: 8
  • As Dusk Falls: 6
  • Escape Academy: 6
  • Witch Strandings: 5
  • Tombstar: 5
  • Last Call BBS: 8

Xenoblade Chronicles 3, received with very high marks by the international press, had to “settle” in this case with an 8, while another Nintendo exclusive did better, namely Live A Live, which brought home a 9.

For the rest, Stray only half convinced the editors of EDGE, seeing himself assigned an appreciable 7, whereas As Dusk Falls and Escape Academy failed to go beyond the sufficiency.

As we know, the magazine has a very particular yardstick and we have rarely seen it assign the full marks for whatever reason: it seems IMMORTALITY deserves our attention.

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