embezzlement and Finance if jointly held and if not, tax at € 5,000

There are many news on the current account but they are definitely not positive.

The current account is certainly a necessity for Italians but you have to be careful of the many news coming from Cassation but also by the government.


The first question concerns joint accounts. As we know, the disputed accounts are very convenient for families because they allow you to have all the income and the outputs at a glance.

Stangata joint accounts

Husband and wife gladly make the choice to have a joint account because in this way they pay the expenses of only one account instead of the two and the whole family budget is always under check.


Recently, however, the case of two spouses who had done something a little special was presented before the Court of Cassation. One of the two had paid a sum while the other had withdrawn it. The first had accused the second of having taken that sum unduly because it was not intended for him while the second had claimed that the money in the account was at the disposal of both of them and that this was absolutely normal.

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The Supreme Court in this case has established that if there is no real a desire to give, that is, a real will to give money paid by one but taken by the other can become embezzlement and therefore constitute a real criminal offense. But joint checking accounts are also in the sights of the taxman. In fact, many tax evaders and money launderers use the correct joint accounts to pass money from one person to another and make them escape the taxman. Precisely for this reason, today any movement made on joint current accounts is kept under control by the super registry of current accounts and of the real artificial intelligence and for the crafty ones there is certainly no field. Even for non-joint current accounts, very penetrating checks arrive and it is there Finance to be the master.

Tax and tax checks

Any suspicious movement on the joint or non-joint account will be immediately object of attention and possibly also of investigations and sanctions. Today the tax is also triggered on the current account. In fact, any Italian current account I have a stock exceeding 5,000 euros must pay the stamp duty. The stamp duty is just under 40 euros per year for individuals and 100 euros per year for businesses. So surely it is yet another tax that citizens are forced to pay.

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