Every night it seemed as if someone was throttling me – Hema Malini had claimed, had changed the house

Every night it seemed as if someone

Bollywood’s famous actress Hema Malini has made a tremendous identity in Hindi cinema with her films and acting. Hema Malini made her debut in Hindi cinema with Raj Kapoor’s film ‘Sapno Ka Saudagar’. In such a situation, the actress had to shift with her family to Mumbai, where she was given a bungalow in Juhu to live. But during this some such incidents happened with Hema Malini, which would make anyone’s hair stand up. The actress used to feel every night that someone is strangling her.


In an interview given to rediff.com in the year 2018, Hema Malini had told that while living there, she started having problems even breathing. The actress had to say about this, “While shooting for ‘Sapno Ka Saudagar’ we had shifted to Ananthaswamy’s house, which was in Manavendra Apartment in Bandra. This flat was quite small, which Bhanu used to often use Athaiya for dress trials.”


Hema Malini further shared her horror experience, “Later we moved to a bungalow in Juhu, which was on 7th Road. But that bungalow later turned out to be haunted. Every night I felt someone trying to choke me. I also started having trouble breathing. I started sleeping with my mother and she also saw how much I was getting upset.


Talking about this, Hema Malini had further said, “If these things had happened to me once or twice, I would have ignored it. But this incident started happening to me everyday at night. So we had decided to buy an apartment of our own.” Hema Malini had moved from the bungalow to another house, where she had made the existing garage her rehearsal hall.


Let us tell you that apart from Hema Malini, many Bollywood actors have experienced this, among them Ranveer Singh, Alaya Furniturewala, Varun Dhawan and Bipasha Basu. Alaya Furniturewala had told in one of her interviews that in the flat where she used to live abroad, she used to hear the sound of someone walking, as well as the shower there used to turn on automatically.


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