extraordinary, they can also be used to purchase these items

Thanks to the Furniture Bonus and the Ecobonus, you can get the 50% Irpef deduction even to buy many appliances and furnishing items for the home.

There Budget Law 2022 has established that, by next 31 December, it will be possible to take advantage of a series of concessions for renovating, renovating and furnishing the house.

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The Government has ordered the extension of bothEcobonus (with the tax deduction at 50%), both of Furniture Bonus; thanks to the latter Bonus, building renovation interventions can be carried out. The Furniture Bonus also allows the personal income tax deduction to buy appliances of higher energy class And furniture to furnish the building affected by the renovation.

There are, therefore, numerous objects that allow access to incentives: not only, in fact, electrical equipment such as refrigerator, washing machine or oven, but also curtains, pergolas and all the tools that filter sunlight. So let’s find out how these benefits can be exploited.

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Furniture and Eco-bonuses: what can they be used for?

If, at the end of the building renovation, you also want furnish homethe Furniture Bonus it is definitely advantageous to save. The last one Budget Lawin fact, it has expanded the range of expenses that can be made by taking advantage of the bonuses prepared by the government.

For example, it is useful to know that theEcobonus allows you to benefit from the 50% personal income tax deduction also forpurchase of upholstery. The latter, therefore, is also one of the interventions that aim to save energy and limit consumption.

Green light, therefore, to change the solar blinds, because they allow you to reduce the temperature inside the building, without necessarily having to install air conditioning systems. It is possible to deduct the costs for the purchase and installation of awnings, pergolas and interior blinds up to a threshold of 60,000 euros.

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Through Mobile bonusesOn the other hand, owners who have renovated the house and intend to furnish it again can take advantage of the 50% personal income tax deduction to buy most of the furnishing items. This opportunity also concerns furniture such as sofas, armchairs, beds and curtains for individual rooms. In this case, the maximum spending ceiling for obtaining the tax relief, however, is lower and is equal to 10,000 euros.

How do you get tax breaks?

To access the benefits of the Ecobonus and the Furniture Bonus on the income tax, you must comply with the specifics requirements provided for by Budget Law. In fact, it is not possible to pay for what has been purchased or installed with cash; it is absolutely mandatory to use payment methods that allow traceability of operations.

Payment can also be made in installmentsbut, in this case, the company providing the loan must pay so that the traceability of the order is guaranteed and must issue a specific receipt to the customer.

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The taxpayer, then, is required to carefully keep all the documentation relating to the work to be carried out and carried out and the goods purchased. In detail, he must keep the certificates of payment (i.e. the receipt of the wire transfer or credit or debit card transaction) and the invoices (or it receipt, if the buyer’s tax code is indicated). In particular, this last documentation is very important, because it allows the traceability of the quantity and type of object or service that was the object of the sale.

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