Fan asks Christian Daloi to do a TikTok, he refuses: why?

During an evening in the center of La Spezia, Christian Daloi was stopped by a fan under a really curious pretext. The girl, in fact, would have approached the creator to ask him to do a TikTok together. To this request, however, Daloi replied negatively, proposing to take a picture. She doesn’t like it and publishes a video to tell the story, he explains the reasons for her refusal.

The TikTok that portrays the entire scene went viral mainly thanks to the immediate response of the creator of Stardust. In the video in question, the fan briefly told what happened, using the crossed out POV: “You meet Christian Daloi in Spezia and ask him to do a TikTok, but he says no. The girl doesn’t seem to have been very satisfied with Christian’s response, and this type of POV testifies to it. The latter serves to tell a fact that if it were a POV it would be fiction, but that in reality it really happened, just like this one.

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So Christian Daloi decided to to clarify the situation, explaining to his fan why he had not agreed to record a TikTok with her: “But I didn’t say it meanly. It was why I was hanging out with my friends and we were leavingI couldn’t stop in the middle of the road to do it like this “. According to what was reported by the creator from La Spezia, his negative response was dictated not by a lack of desire, but by a lack of time, as he was about to say goodbye to his historic group of friends. Everything solved?

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