Fedez and Chiara Ferragni tell intimate details of their first dates on TikTok

Affectionate but not exactly passionate, for various curious reasons, they were the first meetings between Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, as they told them on TikTok.

The confidences of Chiara Ferragni to his fans on TikTok: this time the influencer focused on first appointments with Fedezthe seed from which theirs sprouted familywhich now includes the little ones Leone and Vittoria. If you are thinking that the first meetings between the two were outbursts of passion, you are wrong … the understanding was there and it was strong, but …

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez on their first meetings: “There was harmony, but we couldn’t even touch each other!”

On TikTok Chiara Ferragni told i first meetings with Fedez, featured in the video, every now and then ready to provide his version of something to the influencer’s fans (and his own too!). It all started in September 2016as Chiara says (with intrusions from Fedez who wants more details: “Do you liquidate the thing like this? In what sense?”)

I was returning from Los Angeles, we hadn’t heard from each other all summer, he wrote me: “Ferragni, you owe me a dinner“. I thought:” Look at this guy how smart he is and how it is determinedwho wants to take me to dinner at all costs. ”I said yes. […] I no longer had my apartment in Milan and I was staying in a hotel, to avoid the paparazzi I invited him in hotel restaurant. A very nice first dinner, we had a good time, we were be in tune with. Then I left for New York and we can hear, there are paparazzi about us … […]
I had taken a picture with this bouquet of roses and everyone said that he had sent them to me, while my partner had sent them to me, it was a business thing. When I got back from New York then I found this giant bouquet from him. Very nice. But he wrote that she had been another person, she was also funny.

“Spoiler, we have been paparazzati!”, Fedez often intervenes as a jammer, who then explains:

FEDEZ: Ferry and I were waiting to do the great leap, woo-woo, You can say? The fact is that we couldn’t do it because I went on a mission with Unicef ​​and I caught a disease called mouth-hands-feet, you have infectious pustules on the hands and feetso all week we just talked. […]
CHIARA: We did a week, during the Milan Fashion Weekwhere he would come to my room and we would spend hours talking without even being able to touch each other.

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