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The situation is becoming increasingly tense offshore Taiwan. The latter has decided to take off its fighters to warn twenty Chinese planes, fourteen of which they crossed the midline of the Taiwan Strait: the Taipei Defense Ministry said. He then added how these planes, along with 14 ships, “conducted an air-sea operation in the surrounding area of ​​the Republic of China (the official name of Taiwan)”.

However, this would be the third day of exercise for the Chinese armed forces. Beijing decided to organize them immediately after the visit of Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US Chamber, in Taipei. A visit that China considered disrespectful and dangerous for the future of Sino-US relations. This third day of practice was all about “testing the ability of land and sea attacks“to the island. This was announced by the Eastern Command of the People’s Liberation Army of China in a short note, as reported by theAgi.

The Eastern Command also added that it has continued the exercises at sea and in the airspace in the north, south-west and east of the island. The Taipei Defense Ministry, on the other hand, in the past few hours had talked about simulations of attacks on the island.

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