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Full recovery for foreign tourism in Italy even if with a different trend in the different markets. It emerges from a Confcommercio study: American tourism is growing which, thanks also to the strong dollar, returns to the levels of 2019 with 4.4 million presences in accommodation facilities between July and September, Asian tourism is reduced, Russian tourism almost eliminated.

Overall, the tourist expenditure of foreigners in Italy for July-September will be 17 billionthus returning to pre-Covid values, with a share of spending by Americans of over 2.1 billion euros, a value 20% higher than in 2019.

Also at European level there is a constant recovery of foreign tourism towards Italy. The trend for summer 2022 seems to be quite in line with the 2019 data Spain in the four-month period June-September it should recover the passenger values ​​of 2019 with about one million passengers. The United Kingdom the recovery continues month on month compared to 2019 with a four-month period in which arrivals are estimated at 16% to 6% fewer passengers than in 2019. This is a market with just under 2 million arrivals in the summer, which before of Covid had recorded good growth trends, especially in Central and Southern Italy.

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It is only partially recovering German tourism which, however, records a 27% drop in arrivals by plane compared to 2019 in July (an important month for the holidays of this market) and values ​​that still remain 18% lower than the September forecasts. Thanks to the effect of severe inconvenience recorded in airports due to strikes and unrest, the leading incoming market for Italy – with almost 7.5 million arrivals in tourist accommodation facilities between June and September – would therefore risk partially missing the appeal of the recovery. However, the mix of means of transport chosen to come to Italy comes to the rescue, which only involves air transport in 50% of cases. The result is that, in the face of a foreseeable increase in German tourists compared to 2019 in the Italian destinations more easily reachable by own means and by road, in particular those of the North-East and the Center-North Adriatic, as confirmed by the data of traffic recorded on the A22 as early as May, we will still have low values, especially in the South and islands, where the segment with the highest purchasing power on average landed.

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The pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflictaccording to the Confcommercio study, traveler behaviors are changing, including foreigners, increasing uncertainty in travel planning: air tickets, in fact, are booked increasingly close to departure with a reduction in the time between purchase and the actual journey that passes, averaging between the main origins, from 79 to 61 days (for the Americans from 103 to 80 days, while it is even more than halved for the Japanese from 76 to 32 days). In any case, it is clear that a large part of the Italian tourist recovery, especially for this summer season, will depend on whether or not the inconveniences in air transport continue.

Sangalli: “Foreign arrivals are well, tourism is a priority for the next government”
“The return, after three years, of foreign tourism, helps to consolidate our economic recovery. The prospects, however, are uncertain due to the decrease in consumption, the turmoil in air transport and the unknown pandemic. support for the tourism sector is among the priorities of the next executive in terms of combating expensive energy and reducing the tax burden “. This is said by the president of Confcommercio Carlo Sangalli.

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