Friends 21, do you remember Rea? She has changed a lot, you will hardly recognize her!

During the latest edition of Friends of Maria de Filippithe singer Rea made herself known for her talent and personality: but what does she do today and how did she become Rudy Zerbi’s former pupil?

The last edition of the talent show of Canale 5 was won by the young Calabrian singer Luigi Strangis. Together with him, others were the faces that we will remember and whose future projects we will follow. Alex and LDA continue to enjoy a large number of fans, along with the dancer Serena and Nunzio. However, the competitors who unfortunately did not have the opportunity to access the evening phase of the transmission arouse curiosity. One of these was certainly Rea.

To Friends she seemed to be the ideal competitor: shy but with a well-defined voice and character, which even impressed characters like Giorgia and Arisa, who during the edition judged the boys’ unpublished works. Among her songs, they stood out I just wanted And Under the Skin and the covers chosen by the young artist, to which she directly played the background playing the piano, were hits by Lana del Rey and David Bowie. But what does Rea do today, how did she become and how are her life and her career going on after Maria de Filippi’s sensational exclusion from school?

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How did Rea di Friends?

Through Instagram and the contents posted by a user who represents a more or less known face in the entertainment or musical panorama, it is possible to stay constantly updated and peek at the progress of their professional and life projects. Especially when it comes to the most famous school in Italy, gossip and curiosity are the order of the day. This time it’s up to Rea, a former student of Maria de Filippi’s talent who appears radically changed on her profiles. The young singer, originally from Bologna, cut her blonde hair sporting a much more rock and jaunty bob, more in line with her artistic evolution and her rock soul.

A clear change that comes after the end of the experience on television that brought her a quite important disappointment, as fans of the program will remember. Rudy Zerbi’s former pupil also hasn’t stopped making music. She rea on Instagram in fact she often posts content together with her musical group: it is with them that she continues to write songs and perform, demonstrating her already known talent but also her strength and determination. A real rebirth that will certainly lead to the achievement of beautiful goals.

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