From banana eaters to Bin Laden’s successor: the seven words of the week

Let’s try to give some flavor to the numbers that make news on Google successful. Here are some of the most clicked news of the week revisited and corrected.

Who wants to divorce Wanda Nara?

Icardi denies rumors of his divorce from Wanda Nara. Despite the “compromising” audio, the footballer denies sharply “I don’t know who makes me feel more sorry, if those who invent things about my life or who believe in them”. We would be sorry for him without his Wanda. The best wish that love continues to shine with each other.

Bin Laden’s successor returns. Died.

The CIA found and killed Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama Bin Laden’s successor in the leadership of Al Qaeda. The news has the flavor of a Polaroid, as if it had emerged from a past that we wanted to forget. Instead, terrorism is still active, very active, more active than we think. In the end, for better or for worse, they continue to lead the United States.

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Long live the freedom of banana eaters

Great controversy over the “men’s party” in Monteprato, Friuli, where the “banana eaters” competition took place. Has anyone ever made a controversy over the sexism of strippers at Women’s Day? One Way Moralists. Faded echoes of male-phobic American puritanism, we refer the controversy to the sender: long live freedom and long live banana eaters.

A minute of silence for the sisters who died in Riccione

When someone dies in particular conditions, everyone immediately feels the duty to comment, express opinions and judgments. Just like in the case of Giulia and Alessia, death overwhelmed by a Frecciarosso in the Riccione station. Instead, silence would be needed, out of respect for their family and their souls. Let’s start here: a minute of silence for them.

The invincible Alex Zanardi

Some people seem truly invincible. No matter how many misfortunes life hails on them, they keep going. Alex Zanardi is the archetype of these modern heroes. This time his mansion burned down and he was transferred to a medical center. Go, Alex, you are the will to move forward that we all always want to have.

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Will we survive in Taiwan?

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan, perhaps against Biden’s will, and China begins military maneuvers. Perhaps there has never been a time in history when the United States has had such shaky leadership. In 2024 there will be elections. We hope to survive until then.

Italy’s summer embrace of celebrities

Many international celebrities are on vacation in Italy. From Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber, from Jennifer Lopez to Leonardo di Caprio. In the end, we invented the summer and it is right that the whole world comes to enjoy it here. Long live the summer, long live Italy.

More Google Trends searches

For the record, in the last seven days among the main terms searched according to Google Trend there were also: Rector, Juve a Juve B, Giovanni Ciacci, Elisa Anzaldo Giorgia Meloni, Salvatore Aranzulla, Fabregas, shooting in Pescara.

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