from ENEA data, sums close to 40 billion euros

Superbonus 110 per cent, the total investments allowed as deductions are close to 40 billion euros. The data from the latest ENEA report, updated to 31 July 2022, show that the value of the completed works is just under 31 billion euros.

Superbonusalso the month of July it records an acceleration.

As shown by the data released by the last ENEA report, updated to July 31, 2022the total of investments admitted as deduction is close to i 40 billion euros: stops at 39.7 billion euros.

Overall, the deductions foreseen at the end of the works are one step away from the 44 billion euros, of these deductions for about 31 billion have already matured at conclusion of the works.

Driving the acceleration recorded in July, as happened for the month of June, are the expenses related to interventions on single-family homes in view of the deadline of next September 30th.

Superbonus, the acceleration continues in July: from ENEA data, sums close to 40 billion euros

The new data relating to the 110 percent superbonus show the continuation of the acceleration in the interventions: the report released by ENEA and updated to 31 July 2022 records a total of investments deducted of 39,751,985,269.42 euros.

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The value of overall investments is one step away from 40 billion eurosfor deductions provided for at the end of the works that are close to i 44 billion.

ENEA – Report updated as of July 31, 2022
Investments relating to the 110 percent super bonus.

Mainly the interventions carried out on single-family buildingswhich graze i 14 billion euros or 34.5 per cent of the value of the investments.

Compared to last month theincrease and of about 1.7 billiongrowth similar to that recorded by the report for the month of June 2022.

The trend relating to the value of interventions carried out in the months of June and July is approximately 1.2 billion euros.

L’average investment of these interventions is about 112.5 thousand euroshigher than that on functionally independent single-family units which is approximately 96.6 thousand euros.

At the moment 73.4 per cent of the planned works have been completed for a total of just over 10 billion euros.

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Numbers destined to grow also in the next two months in view of the expiry of the deadline of 30 September, the date on which, for villas and independent houses, at least the 30 percent of the planned work.

Superbonus, the acceleration continues in July: Lombardy and Veneto in the lead

Overall, the largest share of the value of the interventions that fall within the 110 per cent superbonus goes to condominiums which, with the 48.8 percent of the totalthey reach almost half of the investments.

Follow the single-family buildings with 34.5 per cent and functionally independent homes with 16.7 per cent.

In the ranking on percentages of completed works these buildings, on the other hand, are in first place with 77.8 per cent, followed by single-family homes at 73.4 per cent and condominiums at 66.7 per cent. The advantage of the first two categories of buildings probably depends on the deadline at the end of September, there is more time for condominiums to complete the work.

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Overall, the number of certified statements is slightly less than 224 thousandin the last month it has increased by about 24 thousand.

Leading the regional ranking is the Lombardy with investments planned for 6.7 billion euros and sums relating to works completed at a step of 5 billion.

Follows the Veneto with 3.8 billion euros invested and a value of the completed interventions of approximately 2.9 billion.

Completing the podium is the Lazio with 3.7 billion euros of total investments and completed works admitted as deductions for almost 2.5 billion.

Also Emilia Romagna and Campania they recorded investments of over 3 billion euros.

The last two months will be crucial in determining which ones single-family and functionally independent buildings they will be able to fall within the expiry date of the facility on 31 December, overcoming the constraint of carrying out 30 per cent of the interventions by 30 September.

It is likely that theincrease in the coming months remains at the same levels or is higher than that recorded in the months of June and July.

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