Grand Hotel, previews of the 5th and 12th August 2022 episode

New bets on Channel 5 of Spanish fiction Grand Hotel – intrigues and passions, now in its third and final season. Here you are advances and plots of the episodes of Friday 5 and 12 August 2022:

Grand Hotel / Nobility carries obligations (5th August)

While trying to figure out who Ezequiel’s killer is, Ayala discovers that someone is sending him puzzles to solve and, with the help of Alicia, Julio and Maite, she discovers a name: Adrian Vera Celande. It is clear that this name is not new to Diego, who however does not want to talk about it.

Grand Hotel / Auction (5th August)

A charity auction is organized at the Grand Hotel for the parish orphans. Alicia, Maite and Julio receive the book “Othello” and try to figure out which clue to follow to find out more about Diego.

Grand Hotel / The Dragon Variant (12 August)

Julio, Alicia and Maite continue their investigations by solving puzzles, until they discover the corpse of Sagrario, Diego’s mother. Alicia reveals to Julio her jealousy towards her friend Maite. Andres, threatened by Donna Teresa, decides to make a declaration of innocence to the press.

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Grand Hotel / Enemy at home (August 12)

Although the clues are against him, Julio and Alicia don’t believe in Andres’ guilt at all. He does not even believe Maite and so he offers to defend him, even if he does not have a great practice as a lawyer behind him. Meanwhile, the failure to find Belen’s body offers Maite the opportunity to challenge the evidence gathered by Chief Inspector Bazan, who seems a little too eager to close the case. When the completely unrecognizable body of a young woman is then found, Bazan has no doubts: the body is that of Belen and Andres must be executed. But Bazan’s haste begins to arouse some suspicion in Detective Ayala.

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