he already has a new partner “

Claudio Amendola And Francesca Neri would be at the terminus. After Totti and Ilary they too would have decided to break up with and now it seems there is also another woman. According to the latest rumors, the end of the relationship between Claudio and Francesca would not be a recent thing, so much so that the Roman actor would already have another partner.

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After 25 years of relationship and 10 of marriage between the two it would all be over as revealed in the magazine Diva e Donna. Initially it was said that Claudio Amendola had been pinched to go back and forth between his old house and the new one, but now it would seem that the two have not lived together for some time. The news has not been officially confirmed either by Claudio Amendola or by Francesca Neri but a few days ago the actor was surprised at dinner with his son Rocco, had by Neri, but without her being with them.

According to Dagospia the two would have separated already 3 months ago and in recent weeks Claudio would also have found love with another woman. It is not known if this new flame was the actual cause of the separation or if it only came later. The couple went through many difficult moments, one of the last due to Francesca’s illness who told Verissimo about her interstitial cystitis, defining the disease as all-encompassing and confessing that she wanted to be alone in the worst period of her hospitalization.

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