“He was consenting.” And the law is on his side

Rape a girl from 12 years but he justifies himself by saying that he was consenting. Tulisi Leiataua, a New Zealand man, is accused of abusing two girls, one 8 and one 12. Before the judge with 33 counts, however, he defended himself by saying that the 12-year-old girl would actually be consenting.

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His entire defense was based on this principle, precisely because New Zealand law would allow it. Despite the age at which sexual consent is set is 16, there is a paragraph of the law that allows those accused of rape to be able to defend themselves by appealing to the fact that the victims, even if minors, are consenting.

For this reason, the affair has shaken the whole of New Zealand and has called into question some laws that would not adequately protect minors. Many activists have fought, and are fighting for the law to be revised and minors to be better protected. Tulisi Leiataua, however, was found guilty at the end of the trial.

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Last update: Saturday 6 August 2022, 11:30 am


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