Hema Malini takes over – When Dharmendra was compared to Hema regarding politics, the legend gave this answer

Hema Malini takes over

The way Dharmendra’s star, who was a superstar of Hindi cinema, shone in the film industry, Dharmendra could not do anything in the field of politics. Dharmendra himself had confessed that he was not interested in politics. Dharmendra had said in an interview that although he used to do his part, it was said that he did not do anything in his field.


Actor Dharmendra once also said that ‘even an actor should not come into politics’. Apart from Dharmendra, wife Hema Malini also became BJP’s star campaigner and later MP. In such a situation, he was also compared with Hema Malini in the field of politics.


One such time, in The RKB show, the anchor had asked Dharmendra – ‘Whenever something happens on you, then in two minutes you see a wrinkle on your face. If we talk about Hema ji, then she knows how to take pressure well, her face is not visible. She doesn’t stop smiling.


To this Dharmendra replied- ‘I think women are very strong. Such attacks happen on me, it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, they say that. I have added such people with me who are aware of everything there. Wherever there is a boil, they also come and tell me. He also tells his treatment and I do that. I will continue to do whatever is my duty and I don’t want any credit for it.’


Let us tell you, Dharmendra was elected as a BJP MP from Bikaner in the year 2004. But during this time he did not take his mind in politics. Dharmendra was troubled by politics. In such a situation, in the year 2008, he had said, ‘I will not say that it was my mistake to enter politics. It’s just that an artist should always be an artist because as soon as you become a politician, people’s love gets divided. They start looking at you from a different perspective.


Dharmendra had once said while talking to Aaj Tak on April 17, 2004, ‘I did not know at all about the philosophy of BJP. All I know is that if I was a dictator for five years, I would have cleaned up all this ‘dirt’.


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