Here is the country where a life of super-luxury costs nothing, if you want to change your life from September

Some news, strangely, are not mentioned: yet they are more than relevant news. An example? One of the most beautiful countries in the world (and also one of the cheapest ever) has just announced that it will grant visas designed specifically for digital nomads. For those who work remotely, this is news that can really mean the turning point.

For all those people who work from the computer and can not go to the office, that is, all those who do smart working and therefore work from home, having a country that offers an advantageous visa can mean saving thousands and thousands of euros a year. In this case, however, the savings could be even more substantial.

The country in question is Costa Rica. One of the most spectacular, safe, peaceful and hospitable in the entire American continent. What’s more: thanks to its position close to the equator it is also a country where it is almost always hot, and the climate allows you to go to the sea, to the pool and enjoy nature for 12 months a year. But the biggest advantage is the economic one.

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Living in Costa Rica, but receiving a European salary, leads to a life that – to describe it in one word – we could define as luxury. The prices are so low that with the euro’s purchasing power, you can indulge in outings, trips, spas, restaurants and entertainment every week.

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Costa Rican hospitality is famous all over the world, just like the nature of its forests, its coasts and the incredible variety of fauna and flora. In short, it is an earthly paradise where we absolutely cannot afford not to go, especially those who are lucky enough to be able to move there all year round.

To know how to get a digital nomad visa for Costa Rica, well, in this Travel + Leisure article it’s explained pretty well. In any case, the procedure is really child’s play.

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