Here is the postal book that is worth a lot of money: “crazy”

Are you looking for a post office book that is worth a lot of money? What has happened to the post office book over the years is something crazy. This method of saving which, especially in the second post-war period of the twentieth century, was considered one of the safest and most fruitful, in recent years certainly cannot keep those promises of enrichment in which previous generations hoped.

The interests of the postal booklet are in fact at an all-time low, and range in the order of a few hundredths of a percentage. With these perspectives, it is practically impossible to imagine a postal booklet that “bears” something. So what can someone looking for a post office book worth a lot of money do? Maybe, just rely on the past. And up to a certain point …

Postal book: which one is worth a lot of money?

Only a postal booklet with a large sum already present, and for some time, could be worth so much. Provided, however, it is not considered “dormant”. As is well known, the interest of many years ago on the postal books made it possible to accumulate large sums. Every so often, the story of someone who has found an old postal book with very important sums deposited and to be collected comes up in the local news.

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The Italian Post Office, however, which has become private over the years, now has the right by law to deposit the sums of dormant postal passbooks with a fund managed by Consap. Postal books that have not been handled for at least ten years are considered dormant. A list of dormant postal books is periodically published on the Poste Italiane website with an invitation to move them and update the registry by a certain date. The next deadline is October 2022.

Sleeping passbook: what to do?

If you have a sleeping passbook that is worth a lot of money, the thing to do is definitely go and handle it. Withdrawing money or depositing more allows you to keep the investment alive for another ten years. If, on the other hand, you have been looking for a postal passbook in the family that someone had forgotten about, make all the necessary checks to understand if the amount has already been paid into the Consap fund. In this last case, you will have to deal directly with the latter to try to recover the sums.

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If you have come across this article trying to understand if the postal passbook is still worthwhile as a form of investment, the answer to this question is: definitely not. The interests are too low: it is advisable to open and keep one only if you want to manage your pension through this method or if you want to keep money for a minor in an “immobile” form, to leave it to him / her once he is of age.

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