Honey Singh did not appear in the court for the second time in the domestic violence case, the court reprimanded! the last warning

Honey Singh did not appear in the court

Rapper Honey Singh has been reprimanded by Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court. Honey Singh has been booked by his wife Shalini Talwar for domestic violence, for which he was to appear in court on Saturday, August 28. But he did not appear before the court. This was the second time in this case that Honey Singh did not appear in the court. On contempt of court, Magistrate of Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court Tania Singh said that no person is above the law.


Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar had appeared in the court, while Honey Singh did not appear in the court hearing citing health reasons. On his absence, the magistrate said in a stern tone that no one is above the law. He said, ‘No one is above the law. I am surprised that this case is being taken so lightly.


Also, Magistrate Tania Singh gave a final warning to Honey Singh and asked him to appear in the court on 3rd September at 12.30. The court expressed displeasure with Honey Singh’s lawyer and said that neither Honey Singh came nor did he file his income tax affidavit. The court also reprimanded him for not presenting him with the arguments.


At the same time, the lawyer assured the court that Honey Singh himself would appear in the next hearing and he would also present the complete details of income tax.


Let me tell you, Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar had demanded a compensation of Rs 20 crore under Protection of Women from Dimetic Violence, accusing him of sexual violence, mental harassment and economic violence. He had also accused Honey Singh’s family in this case. Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar were married in the year 2011, which was made public in the year 2014.


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