Hot VIDEO of Lucia Javorcekova, all transparent underwear

Lucia Javorcekova launches a crazy video on the social pages: the Italians have been following her for some time, but this time she really exaggerated.

A viral nickname to describe her, a crazy body to break into the hearts of Italians. Lucia Javorcekova it took very little to do.

Lucia Javorcekova
Lucia Javorcekova (Instagram)

In fact, that was born from a brilliantly won competition “Mozzarellona” which made her famous and the reason is quite clear. The reference is to the bursting forms that, as often happens, impress Italians, always ready to follow the beauties of abroad. Even the model of Bratislava has in fact collected a resounding following on social media.

Instagram crashes whenever shots or videos arrive. The photos of her are in fact often provocative, and Javrcekova likes to play with the followers who comment and comment massively. Bewitching, overwhelming, incredibly beautiful. When those snapshots arrive that tease the community the result is evident in the comments and especially in the choice of looks and poses. If the photos weren’t enough to satisfy your curiosity check out the latest video. We are sure you will be amazed.

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Lucia Javorcekova hot: the video sends her admirers haywire

Lucia Javorcekova
Lucia Javorcekova (Instagram)

Long black hair, a bewitching face with an overwhelming smile. Then a curated silhouette with hours and hours of training often posted on social media. But what matters to her followers are those shots in which she shows the most beautiful part of her. The native of Bratislava in the last few days has shown herself in intimatein costume, in clothes that enhance a crazy physique. The result is an avalanche of likes from a community that has exceeded 2 million followers. All finished? No, not at all, because the collection of dream contents is enriched with a video that is in some ways sensational.

Dizzying heels, the finger that passes between the lips with a bewitching look. Javorcekova then shows up in transparent underwear in a series of incredible poses that highlight a dream body. In a few minutes, about 700 comments arrive from every corner of the world, testifying to a following that knows no bounds. Words are of little use, however. If you don’t believe it, try taking a look at the video. This time the model from Bratislava has decided to raise the bar, and the atmosphere gets really hot.

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