How young India turned into unemployed India – Journalist Punya Prasun Bajpayee asked questions, people started giving such answers

How young India turned into unemployed India

Opposition parties celebrated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday as National Unemployed Day on the previous day. In many places, people also opposed PM Modi by making pakodas and taking out rallies. Along with this, National Unemployment Day was also trending a lot on social media. Noted journalist Punya Prasun Bajpai had also tweeted about this matter, in which he questioned how young India turned into unemployed India.


Punya Prasun Bajpayee wrote in his tweet, “Unemployment kept increasing, jobs were lost. How did young India turn into unemployed India? Punya Prasun Bajpayee has come into the limelight regarding this tweet, as well as social media users are also commenting fiercely on it.


Responding to Punya Prasoon Bajpai’s tweet, a user named Sandeep wrote, “Soles licking soles will lick. Some Hindu, some Muslim will speak. Employment will be left far away. Inflation, inflation will no longer be seen. Cheap petrol, diesel, gas will now be seen only in memories. Some would call it development. I never thought my country would change so much.


Responding to Punya Prasoon Bajpayee’s tweet, a user named Sudharma took a jibe and wrote, “Working hard, freebies started decreasing. Now you won’t get anything without hard work. One user wrote in response to the journalist’s tweet, “The business you have made education is the reason for unemployment. Why today only the name of Doctor Engineer is employed. Why were people not unemployed earlier?


Let us inform that Punya Prasun Bajpayee had also shared his YouTube video along with the tweet, in which he said, “Government is not in a position to create new posts. After filling the vacant posts, the salary that will have to be paid, the government does not even have the status of giving pension to the retirees. This is the unique truth inside a celebratory India. In that unemployment has become a part of the system under which unemployment was to be removed in the country and employment was to be created.


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