I am your father, not the secretary – When Raj Kapoor spoke to Rishi Kapoor, the actor narrated the story

I am your father, not the secretary

Bollywood’s famous actor Raj Kapoor had made a tremendous identity in Hindi cinema with his films and his style. Raj Kapoor was also called the ‘show man’ of Hindi cinema. Along with the actor, his three sons also tried their hand in acting. Raj Kapoor was also the one who launched Rishi Kapoor in Bollywood. However, after being launched by his father, the rest of his path in cinema was decided by Rishi Kapoor himself. In one of his interviews, he had told that his father had never interfered in his school and career.


In an interview to The Print, Rishi Kapoor had told that his father Raj Kapoor used to tell him that he was his father and not the secretary. Talking about this, the actor had said, “People often asked me from where I learned acting. I always used to tell him that there can be no bigger institution than Kapoor. My father had never even chosen subjects for me.


Talking about Raj Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor had said, “He believed that his duty was to launch him only. He used to say, ‘I have given this boy a break and now it will take its own course. It will fall, rise and take care of itself. This is how it will learn the real meaning of life. He also told me, ‘I am your father, not your secretary.


In the interview, Rishi Kapoor had told that he used to pass the lessons learned from his father to his son Ranbir Kapoor as well. He had said about this, “I maintained these things with my son as well. I know the industry and have worked with many. Everyone used to call me and I had to say the same thing to them. I used to say, ‘I am his father, not his secretary.


Let us tell you that Rishi Kapoor was very afraid of his father Raj Kapoor. Simi Garewal had disclosed this thing related to him. Simi Garewal had told, “He was very strict with Chintu. I don’t think I would have ever heard him call Chintu saabash. And Chintu was also very much afraid of his father.


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