I did not need the award – Dharmendra did not want to take ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, agreed because of Dilip Kumar

I did not need the award

Bollywood’s famous actor Dharmendra made his debut in Hindi cinema with the film ‘Dil Bhi Tumhara Hum Bhi Tumhare’. After this film Dharmendra appeared in many hit films. Dharmendra was also awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by Filmfare for his significant contribution to the film world. Although initially the actor was not ready to accept this award. But because of Dilip Kumar, Dharmendra had decided to take the award. This was disclosed by Dharmendra himself in an interview given to ‘Aaj Tak’.


Actually, Dharmendra was questioned by the news anchor, “Are you ever saddened that Filmfare people gave the Talent Award in 1958, but never gave Best Actor in all these years. He used to nominate and finally gave the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010. Dharmendra, while answering the question, said that I did not need the award.


Talking about this, Dharmendra had said, “I actually went because Dilip Sahab was going to give me that award. I didn’t need the award. I was also told that Dilip sahib will give you the award. That happiest moment for me was because of Dilip sahab, not because of Filmfare.”


Talking about this, Dharmendra had further said, “I really should have come to collect the award and I did not come to receive it. It is also necessary for him to be clever of the mind. I don’t want sir, the film used to be a hit, that is a big award for me. The fans are mine, what bigger award will I get than that.


Let us tell you that Dharmendra used to treat actor Dilip Kumar like his elder brother. Dharmendra became his fan only after watching Dilip Kumar’s film ‘Shaheed’. Dharmendra had gone without a sweater in the cold to meet him. In such a situation, the actor gave him his sweater, which Dharmendra flatly refused to return.


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