I will not work with him – Jitendra had refused to do a film with Mumtaz, agreed to the threat of the director

I will not work with him

Bollywood’s famous actress Mumtaz has made a tremendous identity in Hindi cinema with her films and her style. From child artist to supporting actress and lead actress, Mumtaz has won the hearts of people a lot. However, there was a time in the life of the actress, when Bollywood actors used to refuse to work with her. The list of these artists also includes the name of Bollywood actor Jitendra, who had categorically refused to work with Mumtaz in the film ‘Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti’. However, he agreed to one step of the director.


Mumtaz disclosed this in an interview given to Firstpost. Talking about this, the actress said, “I worked in Shantaram’s films ‘Stree’ and ‘Sehra’. I couldn’t say no to him, so I agreed to do a song in the film ‘Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti’. But his daughter Rajshree who was going to play the lead actress in the film. He had refused to work.”


Talking about this, Mumtaz had said, “So Shantaram ji decided to cast me in the film, but at that time the lead actor of the film, Jitendra had refused to work with me. He had said, ‘I will not work with Mumtaz.’ In such a situation, Shantaram ji had also decided.


Talking about Jitendra, Mumtaz further said, “He told Jitendra, ‘If you don’t want to work with him then you can leave the film. I will cast another hero. Jeetu ji agreed with his words. I had no complaints with Jeetu ji about these things, because many big actors refused to work with me in those days.


Apart from Jitendra, actor Shashi Kapoor also refused to work with Mumtaz. Shashi Kapoor was earlier cast with Mumtaz in the film ‘Sachcha Jhootha’, but he refused to work with the actress. In such a situation, Rajesh Khanna was cast with Mumtaz instead of Shashi Kapoor.


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