If I get God, I will complain that why did not I give a face like Dharmendra; Dilip Kumar spoke on seeing ‘He-Man’

If I get God, I will complain that

There have been many veteran actors in Bollywood, but many actors consider Dilip Kumar as their idol. Dharmendra is also one such artist who decided to enter the film industry only after seeing Dilip Kumar’s martyr film. The meeting of the two had never happened at all. Dilip Kumar was very impressed with Dharmendra’s style and acting and once he regretted not having a face like Dharmendra.


Dharmendra had mentioned this while talking to ‘Aaj Tak’. Dharmendra had told, ‘Dilip sahib was very close to me. I often used to go to his house parties and he also loved me very much. Once in the party, he had said – If God will meet then I will complain that why did not give a face like Dharmendra? This is his nobility, otherwise after seeing films like Shaheed, I decided to become an actor. I used to think of his name as Ram earlier.


Dharmendra further says, ‘People in the film industry love me very much. Even outside the industry people like me very much. People gave so much love. I always think that I was born in the world just to give. I have had such a nature from the very beginning and it is my complete belief that you get back in return. Earlier there was a lot of stagnation in the film industry. Today’s youth do not have much time. He wants to work in a hurry.


When Dilip Kumar screamed at Dharmendra: Dharmendra came to Mumbai after insisting on his mother. But he didn’t get the job. He was a fan of Dilip Kumar for a long time, so he thought why not meet Dilip Kumar once before returning. What was then, he reached Dilip Kumar’s house to meet him and entered the bedroom. Dilip Kumar was sleeping inside and he cried at the sight of Dharmendra. Dharmendra was very scared by this and ran back. After about five years, he returned to Mumbai and came to films as an actor.


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