If I want to stop, I don’t do films, I go home and sit- Hema Malini when she was upset with her own mother

If I want to stop, I don’t do films

Bollywood’s famous actress Hema Malini has made a tremendous identity in Hindi cinema with her style and her films. She is not only a great actress but also a great dancer. After making her debut in Hindi cinema with the film ‘Sapno Ka Saudagar’, Hema Malini made her identity in Bollywood as ‘Dream Girl’. In fact, Hema Malini is often heard saying that whatever she is today is only because of her mother. But due to repeated interruptions by her mother, the actress was once upset with her.


This thing related to Hema Malini was revealed in Rajat Sharma’s show ‘Aapki Adalat’. Actually, Rajat Sharma asked Hema Malini, “It is true that at one point you had a fight with your mother too and you had even said that I don’t do films if I have to stop so much. Shall I go home and sit?”


Hearing Rajat Sharma’s question, Hema Malini started laughing. Describing this, he had said, “The situation was not like this. She was very cautious about me, so she kept on explaining to me a lot. She wanted me to do better than I needed. Didn’t get angry. But what actually happens is that there was a need to listen to the directors too.


Hema Malini had further told about this, “I had to strike a balance between the two, which made the situation difficult at times.” Let us tell you that even before the birth of Hema Malini, her mother had decided that if a daughter is born in her house, she will make her a dancer and will name her Hema Malini.


Hema Malini revealed this in Simi Garewal’s chat show. The actress had told on the show that earlier she used to live in Delhi with her family. But to teach him dance, his mother had taken him to Bangalore. Apart from this, Hema Malini’s mother Jaya Chakraborty often accompanied her on the sets of shooting.


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