Indian Railways: Special offer of Railways! Now get the facility like ‘Reserve Class’ in the general compartment, you will get a confirmed seat

Indian Railways: Special offer of Railway

New Delhi: Indian Railways Latest News: There is good news for those traveling by train. Now you can take the facility like reserve class in the general compartment as well. Actually, Railways has launched Biometric Token Machine. Railway has made this special offer to save passengers from overcrowding during the Corona period. This machine has been launched by South Central Railway at Secunderabad railway station. This is the first such machine to be installed at the railway station. Let us know in detail.


You must have also seen that there is a huge crowd while climbing in the general compartment. Railway administration is also ready to control this crowd. During the Corona period, the crowd of passengers can prove to be dangerous, so the Railways has taken this wonderful step. With this, the rule of two yards distance at the stations will not be flouted. To make boarding the train easier, the system of Biometric Token Machine has been started.

What is Biometric Token Machine?

A token will be generated for each passenger from the biometric token machine and on the basis of the same token, the passengers will board the passenger train in their respective turn. That is, now there will be no crowd. This arrangement is completely for the unreserved compartment as the passengers in the reserved class know in advance which coach to sit in which seat. And this is the reason why the crowd remains controlled in the reserve class. In the unreserved class, people flock together for the seat.


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