Injecting a liquid to swell the muscles: bodybuilder and influencer dies at 55

The Brazilian Hulk

They called him the Brazilian Hulk for the unnatural muscle mass he had (literally) built. But he hadn’t done it with push-ups, pull-ups, or lifts. Valdir Segato, bodybuilder and influencer on Instagram and TikTok, had used a shortcut that cost him his life. He died on the day of his 55th birthday due to the physical stress to which he subjected himself and, above all, due to the extremely dangerous mixtures that he injected into his body in order to swell his muscles to excess: a mix of oil, lidocaine and benzyl alcohol which is called Synthol. Valdir never wanted to listen to the numerous doctors who warned him. He wanted to get bigger and bigger, he dreamed of enlarging his muscles to the point of unbelievable. A crazy dream that cost him his life.


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