INPS, the fifteenth arrives on the account: an extra salary at the end of the year

To cope with inflation and expensive life, many companies have decided to pay an additional month or fifteenth on the account. The workers jump for joy.

INPS fifteenth –

Coming up the fifteenth on the employee account: many workers of different companies found themselves with an additional month’s salary. To cope with the continuous rise in bills, inflation and the expensive life that has been characterizing this economic scenario for some time, several virtuous companies have decided to pay a sort of fifteenth month on the account of employees.

The purpose of paying a additional monthly salary to employees is to offer the families of workers concrete help to cope with this difficult period. Let’s find out in this guide which Italian companies have decided to help employees with an additional monthly salary.

Inflation and wages: another sting in July with inflation at 7.9%

In July i prices of food and soft drinks have seen prices soar to 10%: according to the expenditures of the National Consumer Union, a couple with two children will spend over 2,600 euros more. According to ISTAT surveys, the shopping cart has increased by more than nine percentage points compared to 8.2% in June.

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fifteenth month's salary
fifteenth month salary for employees –

Inflation excluding fresh food and energy goods accelerated by more than four percentage points. In the face of continuous increases in the prices of consumer goods, Federdistribuzione he asked for interventions aimed at supporting the purchasing power of families, especially those of low-income groups with children.

Additional monthly payment on the account of Acqua Sant’Anna employees

Alberto Bertone, president and CEO of the company Sant’Anna water has decided to pay an additional monthly salary to the employee account. Products have undergone substantial increases and entrepreneurs, according to Bertone, should increase salaries, otherwise sooner or later civil wars will break out within the country. To cope with the crazy increases it would be necessary to maintain the same purchasing power of employees and this is possible by increasing salaries.

The disbursement of the fifteenth monthly payment entails a cost for the company of 700,000 euros. The same President and CEO of the Acqua Sant’Anna company believes that the state should de-tax all Italian companies that pay an additional monthly salary to employees.

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All Italian entrepreneurs, especially those who own companies with a large number of employees, should invest money in their employees. Given the current prices this is a mandatory initiative. Bertone’s example should be followed by all Italian companies and the state should intervene by de-taxing the fifteenth month’s salary.

fifteenth month's salary
fifteenth month salary for employees –

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