It is not necessary to be a Khan to become a superstar – Akshay Kumar gave some answer to Prabhu Chawla’s question

It is not necessary to be a Khan

Akshay Kumar is a big name in the list of superstars of Bollywood industry today. There was a time when Akshay Kumar was not only placed in the B category, but he was also asked when he would come to the A category! To this Akshay replied in a very simple way. Not only this, the popularity of Khans was also compared with the actor. In such a situation, Akshay had also given his opinion on this.


In Prabhu Chawla’s show Sidhi Baat, Akshay Kumar was told- ‘You gave 8 hits one after the other. Don’t you think you haven’t entered category A yet!’ On this, Akshay Kumar had said- ‘No such thing is there in my life, gradually everything is being found. I got success only gradually. I am sure that what you call category A will also be found gradually. I am in no hurry about this. B category as you are saying, which I do not believe, but you have separated A and separated B. Come on, I am happy.’


During this time another question was asked to Akshay – ‘The Khans have crossed 40’. He must have done more or less films. But still they get more price, what is the reason? Same was the case with Dharmendra ji, he was not counted in category A.


To this Akshay Kumar replied- ‘You didn’t ask about Amitabh Bachchan ji? Aren’t they mine? It’s not like that, you don’t have to be a Khan to be a superstar. The most important thing is to work hard. It is not necessary to be a mine.


Let me tell you, Akshay Kumar had no such dream that he has to become an actor first, then a star and then a superstar. Akshay started modeling by coincidence, he did his first assignment for 12 thousand rupees. Akshay was very surprised to see that he got so much money just to stand with a model. In such a situation, he had made up his mind to work in this industry.


Akshay was fond of martial arts since childhood. In such a situation, he used to show his art during action scenes in his films. Akshay studied martial arts from Bangkok, Thailand. When Akshay used to do action, he was praised a lot. But a lot of questions arose on Akshay’s acting. Akshay was even commented once by Mahesh Bhatt. He had commented about Akshay’s acting. Mahesh Bhatt had said that if you want to do action then take Akshay Kumar, if you want to get acting then don’t take it at all.


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