Jimmy Ghione, have you ever seen his son? Beautiful like him

Have you ever wondered who Jimmy Ghione’s son looks like? All about Gabriele, eldest son of the historical face of Strip the News.

The correspondent of Strip the News Jimmy Ghione has been a regular presence in the satirical news of Canale 5 for years and one of the most loved by the public who follows the broadcast every evening. Born in 1964, he became famous thanks to the services of the historic Antonio Ricci program. He graduated as a surveyor in Switzerland and in those years, he met what would later become his wife and mother of Gabriele and Federico: Tania Paganoni. However, the two separated in 2016 and currently, Jimmy Ghione is accompanied by Daria Baykalova.

He graduated as a surveyor in Switzerland and undertook studies in the field of acting which resulted in him getting several parts in film and theater. This apprenticeship allowed him to reach the small screen in 1998: since then, he has always led the services of Strip inherent to events and dynamics that take place in the Lazio capital. Today, after almost fifteen years at Canale 5, he can be satisfied with his work and the esteem that loyal Mediaset viewers have for him, but what else together with the profession makes the famous Mediaset face proud?

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Here is the firstborn of Jimmy Ghione

As anticipated, Jimmy Ghione had two children from his relationship with Tania Paganoni: Gabriele and Federico. On his Instagram profile recently, he shared with his followers a photo of his first child, the pride of mom and dad. Blond, blue eyes and features very similar to those of Antonio Ricci’s correspondent. It seems to be almost the exact reproduction of him, given the dazzling color of his eyes and colors. Just like the snapshot description, his father complimented himself and his first wife for having conceived and raised a beautiful boy like Gabriele.

#pride, is in fact the hashtag used as a caption to the content together with the tag directed to the boy. The post has obtained various consents and comments, from viewers but also friends of the former actor. Everyone focused on the boy’s blue eyes and how much he looks like his dad, but in a better and more delicate version. From the photo it also seems that Gabriele is posing for some photo shoot or some commercial. As beautiful as he is, it is plausible that he has decided to pursue a career in the world of fashion or entertainment following in his father’s footsteps.

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