Jonathan Bazzi against the expensive brick: “In Milan the price of houses is unbearable, I’ll go away”

Rozzano (Milan) – “The situation of houses in Milan it is irreversible. ”He is making people argue tweet of the writer Jonathan Bazzi, 36 years old, already in the sixth of Witch Award 2020 with ‘Febbre’ (Fandango), a book with which he has nevertheless won numerous awards, including the Kihlgren Opera prima, the Farheneit and the Bagutta Opera Prima.

“It is now common practice to ask 700 euros for a room a and at least 1,000 for a studio apartment – tweets Bazzi, who moved to Milan at 21 to escape his hometown, Rozzano, where he felt “a moving target”, as denounced in his bestseller -. And it will get worse and worse. These standards are unsustainable, except for a few. I begin to think that the future will no longer be here, in my city ”. Of the skyrocketing prices registered in Milan from ” Observatory of the real estate market 2002 (Nomisma) in the first half of 2022, Il Giorno had already reported in July: the increase is 6%, double that elsewhere. An increase that did not spare the suburbs. The trend for the next 3 years foresees a new surge of 12%.

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The inflation it is linked to the double denomination of the increase in sales, equal to + 24.2%. And the Lombard capital is considered a forerunner of real estate trends in Italy. Bazzi had felt “freer but also safer” in Milan, after leaving the high-rise buildings of Rozzano where, discovering himself different and HIV-positive, he had lived a difficult adolescence, and had grown up in a “microclimate that is physical, aesthetic, cultural and of language, a source of very strong segregation ». The writer, also author of the recent “Corpi minor”, lived “between Lambrate, Città Studi and Porta Venezia”, ​​then in Nettle area where he currently resides.

Many i comments collected on social networks in response to the outburst, with a peremptory tone, of the writer. A Milan only for the rich? Most are convinced of this and explain how it is better to live in the suburbs or pay a mortgage in the hinterland rather than paying stratospheric rents to stay in the capital. Or move to live in small provincial towns for a quality of life deemed to be better and not devoid of services. Someone proudly defends Milan, speaking of the rise in prices as the price one pays to live in the big cities: “How much do you spend in Manhattan?”.

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