Jova Beach Party repeats and doubles. Valentino Rossi and Tananai for an ‘exaggerated’ party

FERMO – Even on day 2, music without borders traveled between sky and sea, involving those present in a large and varied party. The enthusiasm was sparked by the hits of Tananai and the arrival in the backstage of the champion from Tavullia, who in the second part of the concert will be expected on stage

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from Leonardo Nevischi

«We are in Lido di Fermo, but as we demonstrated yesterday, nothing will stand still on this beach. From today this fraction will become Lido di Movimento ». It is with these words that Lorenzo Jovanotti, playing with the name of the locality of Fermo, kicked off the second day of the Jova Beach Party in Casabianca-Lido di Fermo.

98f5e101-155c-47aa-bb54-ca442f62dc56-e1659808425583-400x225From the early hours of the afternoon, music without borders has traveled between sky and sea, involving the Jova tribe in a great and varied party. Between DJ sets, improvised birthday parties (like that of Azzurra who received a gift from her friends the ticket for the mega concert and got the best wishes from Jovanotti himself) and bachelorette parties (like those of Annalisa, Laura, Diletta and Eleonora), the sunset has slowly raised the adrenaline and the magic on a memorable party that has united several generations united by the desire to spend a day of celebration and music by the sea: teenagers, families, children, adults and so on and so forth. THEThe people of the Jova Beach Party proved once again very varied and from the early hours of the morning provided proof of this with the thousands of people who flocked to the mega pedestrian area between Lido di Fermo, Casabianca and San Tommaso in waiting for the opening of the gates. Others, on the other hand, preferred to walk, eat something in the clubs or in the chalets, and then head calmly to the concert area. Fans arrived in Fermo from every corner of Italy and beyond. According to official sources, about 19,000 were present, not counting those without a ticket who still took part in the party from the street or from the balconies of the house.


Tananai on the stage of the Jova Beach Party in Lido di Fermo

After the performances of Bandadriatica, Blue Monday, Nicola Pigini, Kaishi, Tamikrest, Skatalites and Ackee Juice Rockers, Alberto Cotta Ramusino, aka Tananai, undoubtedly one of the most awaited guests by the public, thought about raising the decibels, around 6 pm. stop. The Milanese singer-songwriter, fresh from the paradoxical success resulting from the last place at the Sanremo festival, took the party into an “exaggerated” dimension. From “Occasional Sex” to “Baby Goddamn” passing through his latest single “Pasta”, Tananai – if needed – has further warmed the atmosphere by giving an appetizer of what will later be the evening part of the concert. Following, to take the stage of the Jova, was Mara Sattei, partner of Tananai and Fedez in the famous summer hit “La dolce vita”.

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The party continued in an atmosphere of great fun and joy, which has always characterized Jovanotti’s concerts. Around 7 pm in the backstage the arrival of the super surprise guest who in the second part of the concert will take the stage together with Gianni Morandi and Tananai: Valentino Rossi.


Sandrino, 88, at the ‘Jova Beach Party’

AT 88 YEARS OLD DOESN’T WANT TO MISS JOVA BEACH (by Francesca Marsili) – When Alessandro, at the age of 88, learned that Jovanotti would arrive in a maxi-concert a stone’s throw from his house, he couldn’t resist, he said: «let’s go!». And last night, in the tribe of nine thousand beached at the Jova Beach Party in Lido di Fermo, in the midst of the human tide made up of entire families, physically fit physicists, mothers with big bellies and singles in search of a soul mate, there was also him, Sandrino , as everyone calls him, less young, but full of joie de vivre.

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Because fun, like love, has no age and this sprightly old man is living proof of it. A wish to fulfill him. Former bus driver, the eighty-eight-year-old lives in Porto San Giorgio. Music and dance in the dance halls have always been his passions. The Jova Beach Party, too good an opportunity to miss it and go back to the good times. Accompanied by Francesco De Santis, a social and health worker from Montegranaro, comedian for passion, Sandrino, who is in love with life, attended three and a half hours of concert which he would not miss for any reason. Last night he abandoned his walker with which he travels in everyday life for greater safety, although he does not need it, and he chose to sit comfortably in a wheelchair and enjoy the pirate show. “He also danced,” says Francesco, his assistant. A little further on, his son, also at the concert, has always followed him with his eyes. He was looking forward to it. The day before the concert spent with his him Francesco to choose the outfit to wear that he took care of in the smallest details because he “cared”. And like Jovanotti, who has a hat for every occasion, the man went down to the beach to attend the concert with a pink panama hat on his head, a floral crown around his neck and a Hawaiian shirt. «It was a super evening, a fairy tale» Sandrino said at the end of the show. And he is one of the many beautiful stories that the Roman singer-songwriter always manages to move.

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