Juventus-Atletico Madrid, friendly in the balance due to the situation in Israel

The complicated situation in Israel led to the decision to move the friendly venue from Tel Aviv to Turin

Juventus-Atletico Madrid we will play. The friendly, initially scheduled for tomorrow at Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Avivwas moved due to the escalation of the conflict in the Gaza Strip, with the launch of missiles by Israel. In the end it was decided to play it at Keep going tomorrow with start at 18. Initially the Celt seemed certain to cancel the meeting but the two clubs decided not to give up the match.last test before the startnext week, of A league And Liga.

The match will also be an opportunity for the two companies to meet and talk about Alvaro Morata, Allegri’s favorite for being vice-Vlahovic. But the Colchoneros are asking for over 30 million euros, a figure that Juve considers too high.

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